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Success Coach & Business Mentor
Motivational Speaker & Author
Successful Lifestyle eNntrepreneur

Making A Difference In People’s Lives is My Passion

Cosmopolita Eiler CE - Founder of Authentic Transformational Therapy™ and Lifestyle Business eCademy™. With over 1400 personal consultations over the past 8 years, I’ve made great strides in making a difference in people’s lives. We are all unique and so are our personal life stories, including our challenges. I can offer a wide array of tools and techniques adjusted to your personal needs. Read more and book your individual session on Coaching Page, or navigate through the various program offers bellow.


Lifestyle Business eCademy™

Passion to Profit. Kick-start, manage and grow your lifestyle business to 6 figures or beyond. Your choice of online program, live event or retreat. Designed for success.

Authentic Transformational Therapy™

Authentic Success Mindset & Method™ is an integral part of Authentic Transformational Therapy.Your Choice of Online Program, Live Event or Retreat.

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