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Transform Your Life With

Authentic Success Formula

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Inspiring Speaker

Cosmopolita is an inspiring speaker and outstanding storyteller.
She has the unique ability to inspire any audience
to create their AUTHENTIC success.


Her Topics

With her vast and varied background Cosmopolita speaks on a range of topics:
The Authentic Success Mindset for Entrepreneurs
How to Build An Automated Online Business (Lifestyle Business)
Online Marketing & Influencing for Entrepreneurs
Social Media Strategies for Success
Win The World With Webinars
Turning Your Passion Into Profits
Her Signature Talk is:
Transform Your Life With The Authentic Success Formula

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Her Personal Stories

Running her own business at age 15
Having made her first million by the age of 16
Having lived in 6 different countries – Intercultural Communication
Using plain common sense to get what she wants
Ending up in leading roles without effort in record time – redoing the formula
Becoming a member of a team and making a startup
company grow to over 100 employees within 1 year
Building lifestyle businesses to achieve work life balance